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DoubleZeroFX Block Logo by DoubleZeroFX

What is DoubleZeroFX?

First, let me start off by explaining my old username. "torsoboyprops" was effectively a placeholder I created until something better came along. Since Weird Al Yankovic's song "Albuquerque" came out, I had gone by the username "torsoboy" in nearly every online outlet I participated in: AOL, IIRC, chat rooms, web forums, you name it. And it wasn't for any reason other than the fact that I latched onto that monicker from the song's lyrics because it was odd and funny. Tacking "props" onto it merely separated it from my old DeviantArt account, "torsoboyprints." It was never intended to really be any sort of official identity for my current and future work as a prop builder. Well, the time has come to shed that old name and take on a big, fancy identity.

About a year ago, I started toying around with new identities for myself, identifiers that spoke to my sensibilities, not only as an artist, but as a person. It was a period of deep soul searching for me as an artist. I wasn't really in any sort of "crisis" mode or anything, so realistically speaking, it was just a fun thing to think about at the time. I arrived on "Double Zero FX," and the many variations it could take. DZXF, 00FX, 00 Effex, etc. But I decided to let it simmer, to see if it held up over time.

One year later, it seems to have held up. I am hereby taking on the identity of DoubleZeroFX here on DeviantArt. I know, that sounds oh so cheesy. And it is, believe me - I'm laughing at myself for feeling the need to declare it. But what's so liberating about it to me is that it both has rich meaning to myself, but is also still very vague and mysterious, as if I'm telling myself that I have to grow into it, that there is wonder yet to behold. So what is DoubleZeroFX? I landed on the monicker of "DoubleZero" when sorting through the varied interests in my past. I played ice hockey as a goaltender for thirteen years, and in my league we were allowed to pick our own numbers, so long as it wasn't already taken. I chose the number 00. I knew at the time that I chose that number because I wanted to identify myself as being different. It's just an odd number, and it sticks out. Retrospectively, it has nothing to do with my memories as a hockey player, but everything to do with declaring to the world that I am happy to be different, to choose my own goals, and to wear my creativity on my sleeve. As to tacking "FX" onto the back end of the name, I really am so much more than a prop builder. Watchers of my DeviantArt account know I make costumes too, but the ever-learning artist in me wants to expand into other areas - model making, museum displays, stuff like that. Of course, I will continue learning more about props, costumes, and special effects, but such skills can be used elsewhere to feed my other interests as well. "FX" is such a broad term that I felt was more appropriate than sticking with just "props." So DoubleZeroFX is certainly something I already identify with, but it's something I definitely have to grow into. It's a challenge to myself, a call to action, and just one of many steps in asserting myself in the art world.

Now back to making a mess in my garage.
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David Reimer
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I am a prop and costume builder based out of Huntsville, AL. I enjoy building a wide range of things, but it seems my portfolio is basically helmets and weapons, which I'm fine with! :P You'll find that my portfolio jumps around a bit, as my interests vary greatly. I tend to take a long time to build things, as I am accuracy and detail-oriented, and having a full-time job doesn't exactly grant me a ton of time to work on my projects.

I take commissions! I love to see what people want me to build - oftentimes it's something I've never seen before, or know of only on a distant level. I try not to overload my building schedule, though, so I can't take on every commission at this time. But if you like my work and want me to build something for you, send me a message with a reference photo and we'll talk.

I'm also one half of a building collaborative called 2StoryProps. It originated when I met my downstairs neighbor, who was also a prop builder. While we have each since found other living arrangements, our desire to collaborate and share tools and resources remains strong. Check us out at the link below!


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Shiron-the-Windragon Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a question for you. Have you ever considered making the Sealed Master Sword from Skyward Sword? I know it's basically the True Master Sword, only without the glowing blade and the handles out, but it'd be an interesting challenge for someone of your skill level.
DoubleZeroFX Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I've considered just modifying a casting of my current True Master Sword to turn it into the Master Sword, but the work involved in doing so would generate something not unique enough to suit my needs as a builder. I would, however, like to build the original Goddess Sword, so that I have a fair representation of each of the main generations of the sword. However, at the time I finished the True Master Sword, I had gone through several Zelda props in a row, so I've stopped working on Zelda props for the time being to focus on other interests. There will be more Zelda, though, but likely from Zelda U.
Shiron-the-Windragon Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, okay. I understand. I do love your swords, though, and your other props, too. They're all really great. Too bad I can't buy any of them, or commission you for some. It's mainly because I live with my mom. I'm sure I don't have to explain why that means I can't do much of anything when it comes to stuff like this.
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